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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 12, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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session today and now we off 155 points so i suppose that is good news. but we will have to ask the man, neil cavuto. >> forget protesters occupying ports to the guys that want to help them occupy a job. >> welcome, everyone, glad to have you, remember the two wall streeters who took on the occupiers? >> you guys are not doing bad economically, right, right? >> we are hard working guys. we pay taxes. >> never been on unemployment my whole life. never once. we pay our taxes. we stimulate the economy. i think they are lazy. lazy.
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>> you think 10 percent of americans --. >> that was then and this is now, john and news brother returning to the park in new york city today, this time to offer the occupiers a job at their occupy a deck job fair. did they get any takers? gentleman, good to have you. any takers? >> well, an exciting day. certainly from our perspective a very positive experience, neil, we went out there and did our first protest and asked people to occupy a deck or get a job they screamed at us, where can i get a job so we thought, well if they cannot find jobs they don't have time to go out and interview because they are sleeping in the park we will get some job opportunities and bring them down to the park, and to be honest, if mayor bloomberg wants to clear the park they can hold a job fair every day. >>neil: you brought office to them? taking candidates and interviewing them?
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>>guest: today we tried to get a few businesses down there looking to hire people in january, upcoming jobs, different industries. >>neil: were any hires? >>guest: a lot of people gave resumes they are semi interviewed and it was tough and the occupy wall street, a small faction came down and surrounded us and starting throwing bird seed on our feed so it disrupted us. awith did interviews people were trying to take brochures and drove afternoon the resumes and they surrounded us and started throwing bird seed on us we were surrounded about 50 or 50. they brought pigeons in and one of the punks at the job fair, found a couple of candidates that he thought were very close to being hired and he had assured us that he had at least two candidates he found today that he was going to put on four or five direct interviews the next week and he would get back to us and, to me, on a day when
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they are closing down the ports and seizing capital im, and trying to shut down the we economy, we are out there trying to do something positive and not one occupier came over to us and handed in a resume, so, it kind of shows their argument is disingenuous they are therefore because they can't find a job now that we brought over 400 job opportunities to the park, not one occupier handed in a resume. >>neil: i think we have one, from an occupier early today. >> to find a job that is great but there is an additional element here they trying to undercut and undercut the movement. (inaudible) >>neil: no idea what he meant. >>guest: i cannot apply for a
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job i am handing out free sandwiches to other occupiers. which is --. >>neil: you remain bringing it to them but they said you were putting them on-the-spot. what do you say? >>guest: they thought we came down for publicity and there for wrong reasons. we thought if we could help one person we could move on. >>neil: have you yet? >>guest: it ended at 4:00 p.m. the occupiers were getting onery and coming over and screaming. >>neil: if you explained look, i am trying to hire. >>guest: why are you coming after us we are trying to find you guys job and they were screaming at us. we trying to bring a positive message. this occupy movement has cost new york city over $15 million. last year, a budget line item of $3 million cost 7th and 8th
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grade students their school buss so we spent $15 million on them and they don't want a job and skids in new york city have to take public transportation so we can pay for this. >>neil: what about others coming to this who are not occupiers but see an opportunity. >>guest: it was unbelievable, we were being thanked for trying to get the message out. people have sent us job opportunities we have over 400 jobs people have sent us, hospitals, law firms, doctor offices, and we need to fill them right now so people are thankful we are showing them another way, and the online places people but the their resumes someone making an center effort and it is nice to see people happy, thanking our hands and giving us their business card to stay in touch. >>neil: do you thing you put a bull's eye on your back doing this? >>guest: well, it is hard, hard, it is hard to bring a positive message without putting yourself on the line. and you know what, we are full
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bread americans and we feel like what is going on in america is going in the wrong direction. we went out and we exercised our first amendment rights like the occupiers were and they got pissed off about it, but, to me, if you are not willing to put yourself out there and try to, if you cannot take the heat by trying to push a positive message, you are just part of the silent majority and we don't want to be part of the silent majority, we want to see positive things happen for america because we feel like we are great americans. >>neil: you both are to be commended. i don't know if you are brave. or foolish. or both. >>guest: the response, social media response has been unbelievable, people from different cities and different states reaching tout me saying you guys are great, can you come to our city? we have had people occupying a school and a park, will you have a job fair here they have asked. >>neil: appreciate it. >> in the meantime to a former
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occupier who took a job on wall street, now a researcher on wall street. you were protesting outside there, right? >>guest: yes, i want to thank john and december risk for doing what they did to help out the occupy wall street people, and, i encourage them to keep at it, but people think they are genuine them help, and get jobs for people. >>neil: what do you think before we get into your story how they were treatedded by the occupiers? >>guest: i cannot explain that. i, myself, really needed a job, it was one thing that was not quite right in my life and i would like to thank john thomas forgiving me a chance. >>neil: how did it happen? >>guest: well, i was i found out i would not get renewed at my country job or my past job, and i was in the middle of a job search, and i didn't hear about occupy wall street for a week or
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so but i did i wanted to find out what was going on there, and here is a picture of me, people said get a job, so i said, okay, i willing, and i made that sign that you just saw that said ph.d., medical scientist looking for full time work. >>neil: but you are not an average ... you have impressive educational credentials. who picked you out of the crowd. >>guest: well, wayne, a market strategist at john thomas was coming by every couple of days, kind of like john and december risk and he wanted to figure out what he could do do help, too. and, he was getting to know the people down there and he saw me on a saturday and asked me if i would consider a job on wall street, and i said yes. >>neil: you like the job? >>guest: i do, i really like it, it is very mentally challenging, it is a high energy atmosphere, and i'm learning new things every day. >>neil: i don't think it is typical of all occupiers the way
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john and derrick were treated, i hope not, but some of them gave the impression this wasn't about fining a job but just to rant and rave and make a nuisance of themselves and the job was the least of their real interests. >>guest: well, maybe they are suspicious about what type of job it my be, if it was a deadend job, or if it wasn't a good job that fulfilled them. >>neil: but a deadend job beats no job, right? >>guest: not in all cases. if you have a higher degree and you could do better work and you take a lower job 19 it could prevent you from betting a better job. >>neil: but a lot of the guys does not want do entertain it or they did not like wall streeters or the fat cats although they were bending over backwards to try to hire them and give them an opportunity. is there a bias against wall street, that it is such, no way in heck they will entertain working for guys on wall street.
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>>guest: some people probably feel that way. but not everyone. and i want to encourage john and december risk to -- derrick to keep it up. >>neil: thank you, tracy, have a merry christmas. will occupy be the grinch that steals christmas because hundreds of protesters today as these gentleman indicated, branching out and moving west, blocking traffic as some of the area busy shipping terminals. fedex expects to ship 17 million packages and you stop activity at any of the vital ports, mostly along the west coast, you could stop the gods from reaching you. explain, phil. >>guest: well, basically, neil, the north pole is not the biggest maker of toys in the world, it is places in asia and china. so, for the christmas season we are out buying that stuff, a
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last them were made in china and if that, those ports, half of the asian exports come to los angeles and long beach and another 25 percent from the oakland port and that means that if they are interrupted we will not get the toys to the shells in time for christmas. until will but there have been disruptions before. what do you see happening? >>guest: there have been. and the bottom line is, obviously, why think this will be have a long term impact but they do not care about the collateral damage of what they are doing. they do not thing out their position. they say they are after morgan stanley and the grin -- grain shipments but they are hurting farmerrers and people in other parts of the world.
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i think what this is about, this organize, people are getting tired of them. people are getting less enthusiastic about them and even if they were sympathetic to the issues, that is going away. and, today, i think they wanted to get the unions to jump in on board with them, downother protest, shut down the ports but that obviously didn't lap and the unions want no part of it. and more and more americans feel the same way. >>neil: you could be asking yourself, where are all of these santas running? to iowa, of course, behalf although santa knows where to find the hottest holiday gifts it started tomorrow in sioux city where we will broadcast life three state daze of nonstop coverage leading up to the g.o.p. presidential debate which i will be one of the questioners
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and we have ron paul and rick perry and michele bachmann and huntsman, and home depot cofounder, and many, many more. all leading up to thursday, fox news debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern, the last chance all these guys will make their case before the iowa caucus joining bret baier and chris wallace for what is shaping up to be the debate of the century, perhaps the debate of the millennium, the greatest political event in human history. ask santa. to the $10,000 bet of mitt. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm
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>>neil: mitt romney and his wife sounded like they wished they never offered that $10,000 wager to rick perry. >> after the debate was over my wife came up and gave me a kiss and said i was great and slow said a last things you do well, betsing isn't one of them. >> the governor has been defending that statement and that betting line from the debate and michael reagan says romney is looking more like george bush sr. than his dad at this moment. maybe you are referring to the cash scanner thing, the issue that got the president in trouble at the time. but, i don't know what was so bad here. what am i missing, michael? >>guest: well, what you are missing, the whole thing on romney he is out of touch with the common issue. the scanner issue with bush is he did not know how to use a carney, and didn't understand it and showed him be the out of
4:18 pm
town, and romney betting $10,000 against rick perry, that played into the you are out of town with the common persons. >>neil: was it out of touch or just generic. >>guest: it showed that romney is very uptight when people come after him and at that has not shown very well for romney. he needs a more ronald reagan moment than a george bush moment. >>neil: your father would say, famous for turning things around, that's my microphone comment, where he took charge and showed a little temper and this is famous for younger folks the moment that might have turned this election around from 1980. >> can you turn that microphone around? i am paying for this microphone. >> and the rest is history.
4:19 pm
how could romney learn anything from that? >>guest: well, that is when my sister and i said it is about damn time he lost his temper and yelled but it turned it and let him take charge of the campaign and he used it to win the nomination. what happened to romney could very well be used to have him lose the nomination. >>neil: but where and how? just for the amount he was betting? or the fact that we all make compensates like i bet you $1 million? leaving the amount aside what would toss it for him? >>guest: we don't do it in that kind of a debate and we don't do it to show the american public that we are out of town. the $10,000 bet, how many people go around and bet $10,000. now i know we all do that but we don't do it on national tv, in the middle of an important
4:20 pm
debate, going on in iowa and you are trying to win the nomination of party, trying to say --. >>neil: i love you to death but i don't see it. i don't see it. i don't see it. by the way, hannity bets like this all time and it is like $10, really. but the real thing with this whole dust up is that people want to catch him slipping. i just think that you should attach it to something far more significant such as a policy difference and i know this counts for a lot in style but in the scheme of things do you really --. >>guest: when you are going into what is going on in iowa on january 3rd and newspaper -- and new hampshire and south carolina people are look for your composure. it is how you react to what is going on. and his reactions to those type of issues same thing happened with bret baier, it happened last night.
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>>neil: are stocks selling off because customers are getting out? in latvia thousands drained $38 million from swede banks. think that will not come out of here? money america says don't "bank" on it. the banking regulate lates stress this is small traction of overall deposits in latvia sparked by concern the government will not stand by the institutions. the government says, no. what did you say, scott? >>reporter: well, the
4:25 pm
government will come to the rescue and the united states will come to the rescue, but, even though it was a small percentage, i read about 1.5 percent of deposits on file, it still has to start somewhere. so, maybe it is 1.5 percent today, and maybe 5 percent tomorrow and it shows that the becoming business is now more confidence that dollars and cents. >>neil: it is so true. you thing of the times we had runs on banks in this country or any country it is normally at a point when people have heard assurance after assurance from those in power, that everything is okay and they start worrying about their own money and after one crisis and then another crisis and another crisis, they start thinking, i may not have my money, what gets you to that tipping place? >>guest: well, probably when you hear the reaffirmation that everything is okay, right, they
4:26 pm
have blown the whistle and everything is fine. you are right, people these days do not look further than 2008 the united states with lehman brothers and bear stearns and now look at bang of america, problems in their stock people know from what they have heard they cannot believe it. and history is telling them. so there is not a lot of turn around and confidence. what has to happen on the front as you said, people have to realize the governments will come to the rescue the equivalent of the fdic in europe will come and make sure people do not lose a dime. >>neil: but that means that too-big-to-fail doesn't mean you still can't be too-big-to-fail? i cannot envision you and i have done this before, that if we had a redo of what happened in 2008, even though dodd-frank says we would not rescue another money centered bank, if bank of america or citigroup or wells
4:27 pm
fargo were in trouble we would not try to rescue them because so much is on the line, right? >>guest: there is a lot on the line and that is why i have a problem with the too-big-to-fail resolution because i'm with you, they are going to come to the rescue because the other choice is just too dire. you are talking about people freaking out, we will talk about things that are like the great depress, where we are standing outside a bank for 2 1/2 hours just trying to get to the a.t.m. so it could be a big problem. remember, banks need deposits on record to do lending and other investment and it is very important people keep their money in the banks. >>neil: we are shorn northern rock when it was on the brink and people remain getting out of their, their money, out of the checking accounts and savings accounts. so there is precedent. not as much in the united states recently but certainly around the time of the depression when
4:28 pm
fdr forced the bang holiday and all of that, could you ever envision something like that here? >>guest: yes, you can't rule out any possibility but, again, i think one of the best things about 2008 is we did go through it and we came out the other side of the tunnel, so, regulators now, the government, is ready to attack if there happens to be a systematic problem like this again, washington mutual which was taken over by chase bank is a perfect we example. >>neil: that true i forgot about that. we told you about the shutdown of a fort and i want to tell you about a woman happy about that.
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>>neil: and a protest in portland shutting down two terminals and workers told not to show up. are the protests hurting those they are meant to help? my guest was part of occupy portland. why are you doing this? >>guest: thank you for having me. we are out here today to should down wall street on the wart front part of the coordinated west coast shut down and we are targeting 1 percent, the elite of the country who utilize our ports as an example of how they make immense amounts of wealth and we are here today to shut it
4:33 pm
down for one day and show that this is an important issue we will continue to talk about. >>neil: at the love the ships carry toys and tv screens and electronic gadgets that make their way to the 99 percent buying stuff as christmas and it could lead to a delay and them getting that stuff. how is that benefiting the 99 percent? >>guest: >> we talking about how work families are affected by the current economic system. >>neil: but i just told you how they are being affected. a lost them will not get their items in time for christmas. >>guest: i think that a lost working family consider being able to pay the bills and having security in their retirement being able to have health care, equal as important as being teddy bear force christmas and what we are tag about --. >>neil: how is shutting down passage of commerce and things getting to and from in this country, way beyond the 1 percent? just stuff getting and moving
4:34 pm
around this country that goes way beyond wall street, how is that sending a positive message to people who will just be going nuts at christmastime waiting for goods they thought we were en route to shelves and you say you are teaching a bigger lesson? >>guest: we saying workers are being targeted in more ways than one by the 1 percent and here the ports of post land, people like goldman sachs separate through companies such as at our ports and that is why we targeted one of these terminals because the wealth being created through the port is not going into the pocketbooks of the workers. >>neil: are you saying that goldman sachs brambled -- branched out into hipping and even if it take as small stake in any of these companies you are guilty by association, and, those companies are going to be
4:35 pm
targeted by you? >>guest: goldman sachs is a majority stake holier. >>neil: what about the other shippers, there are 23 shippers in that corridor issue all of them have been affect bid your county 50s, most i imagine had little to do with goldman sachs, so for making a statement about one brokerage storm you may not like you are hurting long shoremen and other whose have no association with the firm, and shoppers all over the country, who don't even know what you are talking about, all they know is you are disrupting the hell out of their lives. >>guest: we are disrupting the 1 percent in their capacity to make money today and i think what we are seeing --. >>neil: you are talking about 1 percent as if they are one group and they are the only group affected but i am telling you by what you are doing you are hitting everyone today but you don't seem to care if you can make a statement and go after the 1 percent or in this case goldman sachs, then you are happy with that, screw everybody
4:36 pm
else. >>guest: so the workers have shown unwaivering support of this action up and down the west coast. >>neil: no they haven't, no, no, no, no, they haven't even 9 union drives -- no, no, no, you are not this is silly they are telling you. >>guest: they have shown support for this action and not crossed our pickets lines and the port truck drivers in los angeles, the most vulnerable works called for this. >>neil: where is the service workers union and the long shoreman union and the afl-cio, and the strikers, the very people, these are unionized shops that you are going after. unionized shipping concerns you are going after even the union guys on the ships are saying, this is scary me shipless. >>guest: that is nothing of the like so what is happening workers have shown unprecedented support for this action. >>neil: i just told you, i
4:37 pm
told you, they are not. >>guest: that is inaccurate. the workers have not crossed the pocket line and we had their support. >>neil: who is that? >>guest: rank and file workers. >>neil: from what union? >>guest: from port worker unions have sent us peaches and they have not we crosses the picket line. >>neil: so, wait, the live unions that are affected by transport in and around this area, one representing the rank and file sent you peeps and you think from that you have universal support? >>guest: you glean from the fact that goldman sachs only own as stake in one company that the 1 percent is not profiting extremely off of our . >>neil: that is exactly what i said. you are tarring by association, a company, a firm or shipper because they have an interesting
4:38 pm
or goldman sachs has an interest in it, with everyone else associated with that --. >>guest: we are saying that goldman sachs --. >>neil: if you did that with races they would haul your ass into jail? >>guest: i don't know what you are referring to. >>neil: you know i don't know what you are talking about. you are a waste of time. thank you very much. >>guest: i am sorry to hear you say that. >>neil: folks, nothing is making sense. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years.
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>>neil: i normally do not like to treat guests that way but if they do not get the bake story line right they are not along on this show. i apologize if that struck you as blunt as ron writes you were con descending and rude but that was a hell of an interview, and another "could you be more indifferent and heart legislation to the guests' need,
4:42 pm
next time why not just spank her." and now, the noted ad man. >>guest: terrified. terrified. >>neil: my point not to make light of this, but we have to get the facts right. we have to go beyond just saying you are shutting down the ports you are going after the 1 percent when they are a vital way for transportation and shipment of goods all over the country. >>guest: it hurt the 99 percent. >>neil: she does not see it that way. >>guest: that is why they are doing something that dumb. >>neil: what do you make of the whole occupy movement, not that she is typical, but i don't even know. >>guest: i just have, i didn't have time for it, i think they just ... scream and yell and carry on but i don't think them accomplish anything. the more we had a president who recognized them, but, now, i don't think he wants to be associated with the occupy
4:43 pm
movement. i wrote that someone how many love the occupy movement and invited these people toker their home on thanksgiving for turkey dinner i don't think many. people like the idea and they are great and it is terrific but the fact is, that is not the answer. it never will be the answer. >> but it comes when we get stats that now with san francisco hiking the minimum wage the highest not country, there are a lot of very high minimum wage states some special cases $10 or over and the jobs at fast food places, not all, go begging. why? >>guest: i have been on both sides of the fence. i was broke. with two children. no job. and i worked whatever job i could get my hands on. i've been on the or side, i owned a restaurant and i tried to pay, i had some people who earned minimum wage and i tried to pay people as well as i could and it, i think, people are
4:44 pm
spoiled. you take any job you can get. >> but a lost these jobs are going beyond the minimum wage to encourage people to apply for the job and they are not, then, why not? >> job is just beneath them. and that is sad because when you are looking for work, you take work, i worked selling bath robes i worked selling toys at macy's during the christmas season. i was a messenger. >>neil: did you sell to kids? >>guest: no. actually, my job was to put together the kids from countries all over. >>neil: but you did anything and everything? >>guest: everything i can do. >>neil: what do you make of the occupy wall streeters who telling the financiers we had that they were offered jobs and still they could not get
4:45 pm
themselves with entertaining the thought? >>guest: they should not be listened to. frankly, if they are screaming "i want a job," and i deserve this, i always thought i deserved more than i was making but i was working. and i was looking. and i had to feed my family. i was a messenger. i would go from messenger to rush to the department store to sell stuff. i was a good bath robe salesman but the fact is, you do it because that is what you have to do. this is a work ethic and that is the key. these people do not have a work ethic and give them the best job in the world and they still will not have a work ethic. they will look for ways to rebel and scream and want more. >>neil: all right. i did get a good e-mail from susan, "what is it with you today, did you miss lunch? is it going to be a horrible
4:46 pm
dinner," and on and on. >>guest: you were very nice to me. >>neil: i thought so. one of those days i apologize for all of that, but forget winning the white house, could winning the senate get republicans the power they really, really want? george allen on why democrats should be worried. from almost anywhere. 4g lte equipped to pull pictures, music, and movies. all at mind-melting speeds. powered by verizon, this droid is too powerful to fall into the wrong hands. forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to hear of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future
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>>neil: all eyes are on the race for the white house by my next guest says watch the eyes for the sat. my guest hopes to be picking up a senate seat. former governor allen from virginia is in for a fight, in a dead heat with democrat leading by a percent acknowledge point. we reached out to his office but
4:50 pm
we have yet to hear back from the democrat. governor and senator, what do you think? >>guest: there is a good opportunity. we need support from all over. our race in virginia is between two different points of view. he was hand picked chairman of the democratic national committee, and has been with president obama on every significant issue from obamacare to the counterproductive punishing energy policies, he is in favor of raising taxes on small business owners in the midst of this recession which is what he tried to repeatedly do as governor. >>neil: but you are giving it a big fight and it is one of the more close let watched races and close races, per, in the country. but if the republicans were fortunate enough but the president wins re-election what are we looking at for four years? >>guest: hopefully whoever our
4:51 pm
nominee ultimately is, will embrace what we are putting forward, a positive, and constructive and proven solutions and achievable reforms, we have called it the blueprint for america's come back and we need more competitive tax policies, so there is more jobs. >>neil: more sympathy from romney or gingrich on that? >>guest: i am for whoever runs strongest in virginia. >>neil: so you are not in the crowd that says anyone but newt because some of his colleagues >>guest: we are running own our positive and it ifing forward positive ideas on energy and reasonable regulation dozen make sure more young people, especially those graduating from college these days have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, so, you have do place a division against bad ideas in what is hamming our country especially the small businesses and say, leader is how we can see america, envision a more positive future for america and we don't have to be accepting
4:52 pm
the diminished expectations. >>neil: what do you make of the occupy wall streeters there are diminished expectations, a young lady on here said we will target ports and go after shipping, go after the 1 percent but this is the new mantra. >>guest: the good news is, neil, there are positive constructive ideas, we at to reduce the jobs on jobs create businesses to make our country more competitive for investment and jobs we are number one in the world. if we unleashed them the people would not be the hundreds of thousands getting good paying jobs but lower we are and middle income families who are punished by the high gasoline. >>neil: what do you think of those wall street guys offering jobs and interviews to those protesters to get a job and they
4:53 pm
do not want the job. >>guest: that could be their choice. my wife and i look at the future through the eyes of our children, and our son is a junior in college right now and an 8th grader and young people are having a heck of a tough time, the worst job market for young people, and there is underemployment where people are not fully useizing their talents i think america needs to be that land of opportunity and for those who want to diminish it they can but most americans want a positive future. >>neil: thank you very were. i bet you $10,000 romney can dismiss this whole bet mess if he does just one thing. one thing. ♪
4:54 pm
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module dropped on my head and i embraced who i was, not what i thought i could be, it was like in high school, this could shock you, as well, now, but i was a nerd back then, but, worse, a hideous nerd. fat and pimples and other in other words hung around with me to look good by comparison which could explain why so many girls turned me down for so many dances but enough about me, back to ... me. i turned my biggest attraction into my keenest selling point. my big fat asset. i made an asset, if you will well. three words: built for comfort. mitt romney you are watching because you have a heart time embracing something that i think is a selling point if you handle it right. you are rich. i say, embrace it, governor. don't feel embarrassed about the $10,000 pet brag about the fact that you have $10,000 to throw away on a bet. you are where you are today
4:58 pm
because you are successful businessman, you should be okay with that and you should be okay with this. you will never be the every day common man unless that common man has multiple homes, view dozen die for and endowment that could make third world countries line up at your dock for dollars. we don't mind rich people we mine rich people pretending not to be rich people. then governor it is awkward. think george bush sr. marveling at a cash wreck step scanner. remember that? or the young rudolph hiding that glowing nose. the world catches on that you may be a bit out of it but like rudolph a great reindeer, and actually end up being a better reindeer because of it. take it from someone who wanted to be an astronaut but could not fit in the ship, you can still reach for the stars even if you admit you could not address yourself into a walmart. even if your life depends on it.
4:59 pm
free advice. to any and call candidates wanting to be themselves. why is santa dancing and directing traffic? no, no, no, he is not telling folks to go to the north poll he is directing them to iowa because starting tomorrow that is where we will be, three days of political and economic coverage on this planet and we have the g.o.p. candidate, michele bachmann, huntsman, and ron paul, and megyn kelly, and bret baier asking the questions you need to be answered and secretly i am the ned -- nerd who you radios and they know it. a millionaire business saying wealthy candidates saying they are the best candidates. you don't get it? what do you do? >> they pull a knife. you pull a gun


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